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I founded the consulting service in 2012 after my first clients were satisfied with the treatment and my help with solving their health problems.

As a child I always wanted to become a nurse but my own state of health did not let me do so. I studied filosofical faculty in Prešov – klasical filology – latin language and I worked as a teacher of latin at Health school in Košice and in Mladá Boleslav, later at Grammar school in Hloubětín and Čelákovice.

I came into contact with homeopathy after the birth of my second daughter. I started to solve the childrens diseases by homeopathic remedies that my friend recommended. Then I started to search information about homeopathy and started to prove it on myself, my family, and my relatives. I was very successful in treating my husband´s insomnia. We did not have to go to the doctor with colds, running noses and coughs any more.

I was impressed by homeopathy. I found information on the internet, bought specialised literature, and started to study Homeopathic Academy by Mr. Čehovský in Prague. After finishing my maternity leave I started to fulfil my dream from childhood – to help people. I use homeopathy and also fytotherapy – herbs and tinctures as well as autopathy. Instead the doctors surgery in hospital I offer the comfort of my home.

In my praxis I focus on clasical (constitutional) homeopathy together with fytotherapy. In some cases I rcommend autopathy. At the moment I can help you with lots of chronical diseases -physical and mental.

I am trying to help with healthy food and nutrition as well. I was diagnosed celiac disease few years ago. It was hard for me to change my eating habits to gluten-free food. Now I have lots of experience and I can offer to help you as well.

I wish you to find and fulfil your dream. If you need more health to it, homeopathy can help you too.

Mgr. Slavomíra Ochotnická