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Conculation is a crucial part of the homeopatic treatment. Homeopath must get some information about the client.

The first consulation takes about 60 - 90 minutes. I tis longer because I need to know about the diseases in your family, sleep, food, drinking, dreams, fears, feelings in certain life situations etc. I will choose the homeopatic remedy on the base of these information combined with my knowledge, experience and computer programme.

The following cosultations (30 - 45 minutes) are necessary to make sure that the remedy was choosen correctly or if it is needed to go further in the treatment and choose a new remedy.

I am on the phone for the clients all the time to ensure them that the healing is going the right direction.

I continuously support my clients during the treatment and look for information to be able to suggest their next consultation. If necessary the client can suggest the time of consultation too. Mutual trust is important. All information about client is confidential and is not accessible to other people.

The consultations take place in my counseling room (separate room) where I offer the comfort of my home or I can travel to the client. All depends on agreement.